About Us

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Who We Are: Jason and Matt were neighbors for many years and our sons played together constantly.  In December of 2010 we both bought our 7 and 8 year old sons a SKLZ goal for Christmas and within days both goals were destroyed. After several attempts to patch the SKLZ goals together we decided to see if we could find a better product on the market. We realized quickly that a better goal did not exist. Both of us come from an engineering background so designing a goal that would be both durable and adjustable came naturally. After many prototypes we eventually developed RAMgoal as it is today.  

Where you are we located: We are headquartered in Cicero, IN

How long have we been in business: We started designing the RAMgoal in 2010 and sold our first goal in the fall of 2013

How long you have been running your online shop: We started selling on RAMgoal.com in the fall of 2014 and on Amazon Christmas Day 2014

Jason Connell and Matt Belveal are both Co-Owners of the company

Contact information: Matt@ramgoal.com 317-420-9070